VULTURE INDUSTRIES meeting with The Pope.
Aug 2014 24

The pope is really not a huge fan of clean vocals in metal. However, in case of Vulture Industries it’s totally different situation. Not only the voice of leading singer Bjørnar Nilsen is absolutely astonishing and extraordinary, but it perfectly suits this masterpiece of avant-garde metal music. In general, this Norwegian band has gained the pope’s attention from the very beginning of its activity, but with the last album The Tower Vulture Industries managed to make one more step towards the weird perfection.

VultureIndustries2013_2The beginning of Vulture Industries reaches the year 1998, when the band Dead Rose Garden was founded. Later, the changes came in 2003, when you transformed into the present format. As far as I know, DRG was more into gothic/dark metal, wasn’t it? Why did such major changes occur? I know that you hate that primary title of the band, though I doubt this was the main reason.

The years as Dead Rose Garden were spent with a different line-up and a different creative core than with Vulture Industries. With DRG Øyvind was writing almost all of the music, with some minor input from members that left the band around 2002. When I joined on vocals in 2002, me and Øyvind discussed the musical direction and decided that we were neither very happy with the current direction of the band, nor the name. Thus we had a transitional period of a year where we were searching for our new musical path, had a couple of member changes and found the form of what was to become Vulture Industries.

LAIR – Black Moldy Brew
Aug 2014 17

by Pop[e]Korn

Band: Lair
Album: Black Moldy Brew
Label: Elegy
Year: 2014
Rating: 12

And now, some real outstanding record. Out of nowhere, unexpected, but with an impact. Lair is still not on metal archives, it is not on youtube as well. You will hardly find any info on them on the net, unless following the news of American Elegy Records, or scrolling through the distro lists of some dedicated mailorders. However, Ukrainian duo spreads their unholy rage in an absolutely phenomenal way.

Zingultus, the vocalist of Endstille, assures: “war is always an interesting subject”
Jun 2014 17

For quite some time I have been assessing Endstille as one of the best German black metal acts. The strangest thing here is that the band itself does not think they belong to this genre… However, you probably know how much intense, hard and destructive sound they manage to dictate. So, what the hell is going on here? The vocalist of the band, Zingultus, was kind enough to give his fast answers on the essence of Endstille, its relation with war topics and some more controversial (year, right…) things.

Norwegian Helheim: “we are really comfortable of the path we have chosen”
Jun 2014 09

Norway is a fascinating country, definitely. As is its metal scene. There are so many good names out there that you can easily pick at least ten of them for your favourite top. And if you ask me, Helheim is at the very crest of my choice. This band has been overshadowed by many bigger titles like Dimmu Borgir, Enslaved, Satyricon and many others, but this is the crew that has been honest for the fans and the band itself for many years. Moreover, I don’t remember the time when they released a bad album. Probably it’s because that never happened…

Let’s start the interview in non-pseudo-intellectual way and get straight to the point. Your last album was released in the year 2011, and you promised to work in the studio in 2013 on the new one. Did everything go right on plan? Can we expect the new studio album to be released this year? How your next full-length will differ from the previous material?

H’grimnir: Yes, everything goes just the way we have planned. Our main goal was to prepare our next album during 2013. We didn’t work in studio during these preparations, but we did all the pre-prod recordings ourselves in our rehearsal room using a Zoom H4 Handy Recorder. We want to release our new album this year, but we are not rushing it. All the drums were recorded in studio over one month ago (end of March 2014), so I guess the rest should be recorded within a couple of months from now.

DOMAINS – Sinister Ceremonies
May 2014 24

by illOmen

Band: Domains
Album: Sinister Ceremonies
Label: The Sinister Flame
Year: 2014
Rating: 10

This debut has been relatively hyped in a hermetic circle of dedicated dark underground, due to the start of a new label, run by long-time supporter of unholy arts, Mr. Northwind. No doubts that this first release was chosen very precisely, and was in preparation for months before it was finally accomplished. Spanish band, earlier familiar perhaps just to a handful of the most dedicated fans and close friends, has been active for close to ten years though